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Where creativity comes to prosper
If you need to produce polished video, record clean audio or snap professional photos, Artscape Daniels Launchpad’s Digital Media Lab is all about using innovative technologies and techniques to realize your creative goals. Open for bookings to our guests, the Digital Media Lab and studios are networked with analog lines for creative recording results, and offer a wide range of equipment that can be reserved with your booking.
VFX Studio This is Launchpad's largest studio and is ideal for live webcasting, video production or visual effects for the more advanced aficionado. The live room is a multipurpose video production studio, with two green screen cycloramic walls and a pipe grid. In the adjoining control room with a black magic switcher, and large windows provide a full view of the action being recorded or broadcasted live. The VFX studio can also be booked with the sound recording studio as a live audio recording space. Photography Studio Shoot your fashion editorials, headshots or even product photography in the 621 square-foot photography studio. This is the second-largest production space within the Digital Media Lab. The photography studio offers a white, 18-foot long cycloramic wall and pipe grip that provides the flexibility required for many different creative projects. Sound Recording Studio The sound recording studio is a professional, state of the art facility ideal for professional production and audio engineering. Designed by internationally renowned studio designer, Martin Pilchner, the 202 square foot live room is ideal for tracking vocals and live instruments. The control room is built around an SSL XL-desk analog mixing console and a pair of barefoot footprint 1 nearfield speakers, with microphones such as the Neuman U87, Neve 1073 preamps, and an ultra-flexible patchbay interconnecting all studios—musicians and audio professionals will feel at home. Private Edit Suites The Digital Media Lab houses two distraction-free spaces to focus on post production. Both the two-person and four-person edit suites are equipped with Mac computers powered with Adobe Creative Suite, Final Cut Pro X, and other software to allow for a range of pursuits from audio to motion graphics. Green Room Located just steps from the photography and VFX studios, the 316 square foot green room provides a professional backstage area for styling, craft services or prop preparations. Three hair and make-up stations feature large mirrors and bright lights, and the curtained changing area makes for easy wardrobe changes.

Photography Studio:
Up to 3 guests (621 sq.ft.)


VFX Studio:
Live Room (947 sq. ft.)
Up to 4 guests
Control Room (242 sq. ft.)
Up to 2 guests
Audio Booth (85 sq. ft.)
1 guest


Sound Recording:
Control Room (202sq. ft.)
1 guest
Live Room (231 sq. ft.)
1 guest


Edit Suites:
Suite 1 (116 sq ft.)
Suite 2 (66 sq. ft.)
1 guest per room


Green Room:
160 sq. ft.

Masks Are Required

Paid Underground and Street Parking

Fully Accessible

Wi-Fi Available

Live Streaming Available

Equipment comes pre-bundled and differs per studio.
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Best Uses of the Space
YouTube SeriesPodcast RecordingsPromotional Video ReelsGreen Screen ProductionsBroadcast Streaming a Live Show


100 Queens Quay East, 4th Floor, East Tower, Toronto ON, M6A 0B6



VFX Studio
1,274 sq. ft.
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Photography Studio
621 sq. ft.
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Sound Recording Studio
132 – 147 sq. ft.
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Edit Suites
66 – 116 sq. ft.
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Green Room
160 sq. ft.
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