At the start of the pandemic, we updated our contracts and introduced one of the most flexible postponement policies in the industry, which has allowed us to accommodate you for 2021. As we move into Stage 3 and Toronto reopens its doors, there will be a strong need for in-person connection, celebration and entertainment.

And so, we have been working digility behind the scenes, keeping the health and safety concerns of our clients paramount and abiding by the restrictions placed by authorities.

Even though the rebound of the event industry will force a slow and gradual return to large gatherings —we are prepared to accommodate smaller events.



Stage 3 is another significant step towards fully restarting our economy. In Stage 3, more restrictions will be loosened and nearly all businesses and public spaces will reopen, as long as we all follow the public health advice and workplace safety guidance necessary to keep everyone safe. Read Ontario’s Framework for Reopening our Province – Stage 3

Artscape’s reopening strategy for our community cultural hubs will take a gradual, phased approach much like our closure at the onset of COVID-19.

Performance and Event Venues located within these cultural hubs will follow suit. Each phase in the process will be guided by public health advice and government directives and there will be time between the launch of each phase to learn and assess conditions before moving onto the next phase when it is safe to do so. This approach will ensure there are appropriate measures in place to reopen safely and limit health risks for tenants / owners and visitors alike.




We Will Follow Our Core Guidelines:

We will implement the following core guidelines across the portfolio of Artscape’s Performance and Event Venues as protective measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, and will be amended from time to time, in accordance with Provincial and City of Toronto guidelines.

Physical Distancing
Keeping at least two metres / six feet from others. Clients should plan and modify the layout of event floorplans to ensure enough space is provided for attendees, vendors, performers, and staff to maintain physical distancing.

Consider a booking system or issuing tickets, even for free events.

Face Coverings & Gloves
As per the new City of Toronto bylaw, everyone must wear a mask or face covering indoors with a few exceptions.

Plexiglass Barriers
Where necessary, Artscape will install Plexiglas barriers as an added protective measure for front-line workers engaging directly with members of the public.

Health Screening For Entry
All staff, clients and vendors as well as their guests and visitors will be required to complete a standard health screening form at the entrance of the venue. The confirmation displayed upon completion of this form must be shown to the designated employee at the entrance.

Crowd Control & Entrances
At each Venue, a main entry door and exit will be identified to help manage the flow of traffic, to support physical distancing and to ensure screening protocols are adhered to upon entry to the building.

Cleaning frequently, consistently, and diligently may help slow the spread of COVID-19. Artscape staff will work with their custodial service provider to disinfect and clean venue areas, equipment and furniture, to be accessed during an event according to guidelines from public health agencies prior to and following each event.

Food And Beverage Services And Preferred Caterers
Any catered food and beverage services must be provided by an approved Preferred Caterer until further notice, to ensure the consistent delivery of venue procedures. There shall be no self-serve beverage/coffee stations until further notice.

All food and beverage will be served by catering staff to seated guests.


Click here for the full list of Artscape Venues reopening guidelines.


In addition to our health & safety protocols listed above, Stage 3 also means:

  • SUMMIT photo credit: Jess Hayes

    We will increase our capacity to accommodate hybrid events; combining small local gatherings with live-streams including post-event recording distribution to share with your audiences.

    • i.e. Each event will get a unique webpage that can be shared with attendees, where they will see a live camera view as well as projection/presentation content – no special planning and rehearsing necessary on your side!
  • We will be the “one stop shop” venue to host your virtual or in-person event with broadcasting technology, pre-screening protocols and room layout set-up recommendations.
    • i.e. Larger events can be split into multiple smaller events across our venues with activities streamed between venues.
  • We will be flexible with our contract terms and offer bespoke pricing – pay for only what you need.
  • We will keep you informed and guide you in the new world of physical distancing and hybrid events.
  • We have included virtual tours on our website to help you see the venue at your own leisure (see Artscape Daniels Launchpad or Daniels Spectrum).
  • We have created a safer space in our various sized and reconfigurable venues for staff gatherings, office overflow space, multi-day events, and multi-venue events.
    • ex. Ada Slaight Hall and Sugar Hall can be configured as 3 smaller venues, each with its own entrances and exits, lighting, sound and video capabilities.
    • Ada Slaight Hall, Sugar Hall and Artscape Wychwood Barns can support larger gatherings with physical distancing between attendees.
    • Artscape Gibraltar Point, Daniels Spectrum and Artscape Wychwood Barns have outdoor space available.
  • We have engaged our preferred vendors to implement safety protocols and streamline client communications to eliminate an extra step for the planning of your event


All this to say, we miss you in our spaces and are taking every available measure to ensure you feel safe and confident to host your event with us.


Please inquire for your 2020/2021 events by clicking the green “submit your inquiry” button.


Artscape Venues Team