Good news!

We’ve re-launched our monthly emails with all the perks & privileges an event organizer could ask for because we asked! The current 3,500 subscribers on our email list told us what they wanted to receive from us and we’re going to deliver (also, there’s still time for you to get the perks & privileges, sign-up for the monthly email here.)

However, what also came up were a few misconceptions of Artscape Performance and Event Venues from our anonymous mini-survey. Below is a collective response to the most frequently asked questions/comments that rose to the surface. Let’s chat.

What Artscape Performance & Event Venues (APEV) is:

A social enterprise that helps to fund community programs, artist residencies and non-profit subsidies. It can be a bit confusing at first, but let’s put it this way…APEV is a little like a mullet – business in the front, philanthropy on the backend.

We house 6 venues in our portfolio that we rent out, everything from community to corporate events:
Daniels Spectrum, Artscape Daniels Launchpad, Artscape Sandbox, Artscape Wychwood Barns, Artscape Weston Common, and Artscape Gibraltar Point. And we keep these spaces open and accessible to the public no matter what event is happening at the moment.

Common events include (in no particular order):

• cocktail receptions
• conferences
• art exhibitions
• fashion shows
• festivals
• foodie functions
• fundraisers
• theatre performances
• private celebrations
• interactive activations
• product launches
• vendor events
• weddings
• and any other events our clients dream up!


? What Artscape Performance & Event Venues (APEV) is Not:

We don’t cover costs for non-profits to attend events at our venues, as events are put on by third-party vendors and we only provide the space. Having said that, we often attract organizations that provide complimentary tickets for the public.

“Your venues are expensive!”

Like art, this is a matter of perspective, if you consider our very first paragraph on APEV being a social enterprise (and the revenue from venue rentals directly contributes to building operation costs of the 6 event spaces, subsidies for non-profits and grassroot organizations)…then it may change your perspective on what’s considered expensive when the funds funnel back into Toronto’s creative and non-profit community (remember the mullet?).

We do our best to keep our rates on the more affordable end of event spaces in the city.

Also, we’re not a full-service event planning enterprise. We provide the venue space, support staff, and tech A/V technicians. That’s why we stay in touch with event planners/organizers like you.


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